9 of Top 30 U.S. Retailers Using Jaggaer’s S2P Solutions

JAGGAER, the world’s largest independent spend management company, today announces that the company’s Source-to-Pay (S2P) solutions are in use by 9 of the top 30 US retailers, according the National Retail Federation 2018 annual report, and 10% of the top 30 global retailers, according to the Deloitte Global Powers of Retailing, 2018. JAGGAER customers within this space include Autogrill, a multinational catering company, and global consumer food company McDonald’s (Italia).

JAGGAER’s spend management solutions are in such widespread use by global retailers because they address some of the most pressing concerns in the race to digitally transform supply chains. According to Forbes (2019), the “digital supply chain will be the logistics technology concept of the year,” with “extended supply chain visibility,” being a premium attribute and the focus of many innovation initiatives. The JAGGAER ONE spend management platform provides complete control and management of critical supplier networks and enhanced communication between all parties in the supply chain, yielding increased visibility into all aspects of the process.

A recent survey of 100 leaders in retail delivery and retail supply chain found that 97% cited automation as having direct or indirect benefits to their customer’s experiences. Additionally, 61% are implementing new supply chain strategies to meet customer expectations. According to the study, “delivery and supply chains play important roles in the completion of an order, so retailers must make sure they are well equipped to handle the workload efficiently.” To this end JAGGAER is launching planned innovations like the On Time Delivery Predictor,  that will provide immediate information about the likelihood of delays to deliveries from suppliers, enabling supply chain managers to mitigate risks of disruptions to production flows and reduce the costs that these can cause. 

With two decades of industry experience, JAGGAER understands the unique challenges facing global retailers, many of whom have chosen to simplify their eProcurement and spend management processes to maximize the efficiency of their supply chains, with JAGGAER solutions.