Blockchain & B2B Platforms Chair Launched

Capgemini, École Polytechnique and the École Polytechnique Foundation are launching a new Chair position dedicated to the technological and economic implications of blockchain, to promote higher education and research in this emerging field. Jérôme Siméon, President of France Business Unit at Capgemini, and François Bouchet, Director-General of École Polytechnique, inaugurated this new Chair on 4 April on the École Polytechnique’s campus.

With a strong global expertise in new technologies, Capgemini, alongside École Polytechnique and its Foundation, is committed to the promotion of high-level teaching and research to train talent in the field of innovation, blockchain and business-to-business (B2B) platforms[1].

The “Blockchain and B2B Platforms” Chair aims to develop new skilled talent pools and to contribute to the emergence of professionals who are able to meet the challenges of blockchain and its integration in companies’ strategies. The Capgemini teams will work with the École Polytechnique students among others, on “innovation cluster days”. Gathering Group partners and clients alongside students, these sessions will lead them to think about blockchain and B2B platform use cases in an aim to meet the “business” needs of sectoral ecosystems selected for the occasion.

The purpose of this Chair is also to support academic research led within the Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST, a CNRS, École Polytechnique and GENES joint research centre) and the École Polytechnique IT Laboratory (LIX, a CNRS and École Polytechnique joint research center) in the field of blockchain. It will be led by Julien Prat, CNRS researcher and Lecturer at École Polytechnique and Daniel Augot, Research Director at the Saclay INRIA centre.

It will give rise to the publication of co-signed research articles, in particular on the development of theory and best practice in the optimisation of blockchain use (in particular commercial use), in an aim to improve the application services provided by blockchains in both quantitative and qualitative terms. The Chair will provide both theoretical and operational insight to the scientific and industrial spheres in France and worldwide.

François Bouchet, Director-General of École Polytechnique, said, “This Chair, founded with Capgemini’s support, will enable us to offer our students high-level teaching based on research, that is directly connected with the needs of companies facing the problems and opportunities arising from blockchain”.

Jérôme Siméon, President of Capgemini’s France Business Unit and Member of the Group Executive Committee commented, “At Capgemini, we see blockchain as a breakthrough technology that will enable us to digitize and connect our clients’ business ecosystems, by securing and automating transactions and the exchange of information. Deployment of this technology at scale is especially complex, and requires the combination of technological expertise, in particular cloud, data management, platformization, automation and cybersecurity. We want to bring all of this to the Chair, to give it a strong technological dimension, and open it up to concrete applications”.